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At the Houston law firm of Alan R. Scheinthal, Attorney at Law, we take the time to review our clients’ situations and advise them of the best way to proceed based on their facts. Though often accompanied by a negative social stigma, bankruptcy is a process through which people can maintain their dignity while regaining control of their finances.

Below are some of the types of bankruptcy that we handle, including other related issues. For more information, contact a lawyer at our firm today.

Chapter 7.

Sometimes called a “fresh start” bankruptcy, Chapter 7 is a type of bankruptcy where unsecured debt can be discharged. This allows you to start over you’re your finances and begin managing your life debt-free. Individuals and families considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy must eligible under a Means Test. This is a calculation of your income and expenses used to determine if you can file Chapter 7.

Chapter 13.

Another type of bankruptcy is a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This type of bankruptcy is a repayment plan for your debts, allowing you to repay a portion the debts over time without the constant harassment from your creditors. Through a Chapter 13 we may also be able to help you keep your home from being lost through foreclosure.

Business Bankruptcy – Chapter 11.

A Chapter 11 works the somewhat the same way as a Chapter 13; it is a structured repayment plan designed to pay debts with assets that can be utilized to pay. However, Chapter 11 is structured specifically to help businesses that are facing liquidation and wish to protect themselves. By filing a Chapter 11, you may be able to prevent your business from closing and it may allow you enough time to regain control of your business’ financial situation.

Creditor’s Rights.

Our firm helps clients with creditor’s rights matters. This can include representation of creditors who need to file a proof of claim in a bankruptcy that has been filed or representation of individual clients who need to initiate a motion for relief from stay.

Other Bankruptcy-Related Issues.

We also handle matters that are closely tied to bankruptcy, including:

  • Foreclosures
  • Motions for relief from stay
  • Objections to confirmation
  • Wage garnishment
  • Creditor harassment
  • Repossession
  • Collections

To further discuss your specific questions and concerns about bankruptcy, contact a knowledgeable attorney at Alan R. Scheinthal, Attorney at Law in Houston, Texas, today.

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